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The system stores each keystroke in the input buffer, without passing it to the program.

The user can edit their data before submitting it to the program.

The system header file that contains the prototypes for the functions in this module is module, introduces buffered input, describes two library functions that accept formatted and unformatted buffered input and demonstrates how to validate user input.

Buffered Input A buffer is a small region of memory that holds data temporarily and provides intermediate storage between a device and a program.

Conversion Control We may insert control characters between the conversions.

If you encounter such difficulty see the section with this tilte in the chapter entitled More Input and Output.

I am trying to validate a customer number using isdigit.

Plain Characters Plain characters in the format string - those not preceded by the conversion symbol - serve a special purpose.

Each such character requires exact duplication on input.

for example, if I enter 1234k I will get an error message, I feel because it is not 6 characters long, but if I type 12345k It will allow it through because it is the right length even though it has a letter.

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