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Transport is an ever present point of discussion in CUHC because we just love #awaydays.As much as we love zipcar, CUHC members have been branching out, leading to a whole new category in this year’s awards edition.

POV-House is a program you can download on your computer, once you bought tickets (see pricing chapter below for more information). In this adventure part, you have to convince first girl to have sex with you by choosing right answers.

Such a vision of basicness certainly impressed many, though sadly, CUHC legend Cat Cox was less amused.

I’m not gonna lie, I know little about cars and can’t even drive, but can nonetheless appreciate that Ferg Flan does not have a Fiat 500. Devoted entirely to CUHC, few dare to dabble in any other clubs or societies. Swapping his stick for a wand, Ian demonstrates his alliance with the Magic Circle through his red tie and shirt combo, having ‘forgotten’ his post-match attire.

Marcel’s navigation of pub golf whilst tied to 5 members of the women’s’ club (Q. The majestical battle of TJ TJ KO Jackson and Mc Noob was a masterpiece of strength, grit and boxing talent.

‘As many as possible’) was an outstanding demonstration of balance and composure.

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