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We're planning on the first half-hour being an interview, and will then open the forum to include your participation. When he's grounded and told to get bedrest, they send him to Victorian England for safekeeping. Actually, a slight problem has occurred in the time-space continuum and Ned's been sent back to fix it, but he doesn't know what he's supposed to do. JF: The book was a special treat for me, having recently returned from England for the first time, and included a brief boating sojourn on the Thames. If you had the choice, would you be a Victorian over an Elizabethan? My real time, and the one I swear I'd want to visit if things ever opened up is the London Blitz.

I'm here and ready to start anytime being interrogated. I finished reading TSNOTD yesterday, and I cannot describe my delight. As a result, poor hero Ned has been bouncing around the past, getting time-lagged beyond belief. And there's a butler and a bulldog and a girl who looks like a Waterhouse nymph, and some jumble sales and the and a cat and stuff..about six hundred pages.

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A lunatic American has hijacked Oxford University, making them help her with a crazy project to rebuild Coventry Cathedral in return for money for their time travel projects.

There's also a liberal dash of Sayers & Christie-like puzzles in the book. This, for all the young folk, was the first winter of WWII when Hitler was raining bombs on London and people were sleeping in the tube stations and muddling through. I wrote about it in "Fire Watch" and "Jack" and in , with Coventry Cathedral being burned down, but I'm not done. Loss has always been a very important theme in my work (although I always worry about writers talking about the themes in their work--remember that Mark Twain thought was his best work--but anyway, loss is the really irrevocable thing in the universe. When I'm asked to list the ten best SF novels, I always have trouble coming up with ten, but I can list dozens and dozens of short stories that I think are classics that will live forever. Aquin" and Ward Moore's "Lot" and Kit Reed's "Songs of War" and on and on and on...

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