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Nothing happened all morning and I drank copious amounts of coffee.Then just after twelve Caitlin an hour early than usual came out as if she was going to lunch.I lay in bed pretending to doze and watched her morning ritual.I noted that she didn't shower before she dressed, She went into the bathroom and made all the right noises and ran the shower.I got the feeling she was not looking as happy as you would expect her to be, considering she had just had an orgy with her lover.

I stopped out on the road and watched as she made a phone call then she got out of her car and went inside. Luck now played in my favour, I recognised the girl on reception.Now I wondered what was making her so Horny on Tuesday evenings.No, come to think of it for the last few weeks she had insisted that we have intercourse on Wednesday mornings as well.Caitlin and her lover had been meeting there for the last four Wednesday's and the man had already booked for next week. But if she was happy with our marriage, why was she shagging Tony? Before I knew it, The time was nine-thirty and I was well pissed. But I think I've overdone it a bit, I'm going to bed.Apparently Caitlin had paid for the room in cash; the girl told me that had been the procedure for the last few weeks. I staggered back home to be met by a rather annoyed Caitlin. I'll see you in the morning." Caitlin looked at me, I could almost feel her mind working. " "Look don't worry about it babe, it'll all come out in the wash.

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He had also lent me a load of surveillance stuff but except for the radio transmitter in Cait's car I hadn't used any of it yet.

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