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Although it, too, was physically styled after the Fender Bassman (and was also available in tweed,) electronically and sonically, it was meant to mimic an early JMP Marshall.

In 1992, Guitar Player Magazine conducted a one-to-one test with a 1973 JMP Marshall 50-watt amplifier head, and found the two sounded “very close”.

’" “‘(Total harmonic distortion) is one of the ways that amplifiers are rated,’ says Marshall.

‘And in the hi-fi world, where people are quite conscious of total harmonic distortion, everybody goes for the lowest possible amount of distortion.

THD escaped much of this criticism by using thick boards with large ground planes to reduce noise, as well as through-plating and use of Teflon wire for durability.

THD also does not mount their electro-mechanical components like jacks, potentiometers, switches and tube sockets to the board.

Until the release of the Flexi-50 amplifier, they were all class A (the Flexi-50 is class AB).

Marshall also decided against naming the company after his first name because, in his words, “Who…is going to spend ,500 on an ‘Andy Amp?As of 2004, only around 1,300 Uni Valves had been produced.Their serial numbers start with 000, although model number 000 was given to the THD dealer who coined the amplifier’s name. is a manufacturer of vacuum-tube guitar amplifiers and amplifier accessories, and is located in Seattle, Washington.It was founded in 1986 by President and CEO Andrew Marshall.

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Although THD does not offer a hard-sided carrying case, they do make a soft-sided case for their amplifier heads.

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