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See full summary » Director: Tom Cavanagh Sebastian is on a business trip to Tokyo.

Handsome and hip, Sebastian represents a high-end Brooklyn men's grooming product company that has been finding much success in Japan. See full summary » Director: Richard Shepard A black and bloody Irish comedy about a sad train journey where an older man, whose wife has died that morning, encounters a strange and possibly psychotic young oddball....

" Round 13"Bruce is now taking his expertise to a new level; he currently helms Round13 Capital, a company dedicated to investing in growth-stage digital companies.

" Round 13Dragons Den and more As an investor on CBC’s Dragons’ Den for three years (2011- 2013), Bruce added a broad range of businesses and products to his portfolio including Balzac’s Coffee and En RICHed Academy, which tap into his passion for digital media, marketing and contributing positively to the community.

Many have multiple stone walls that, in some instances, form a rectangular design; some of the others, called "I" type gates, have only one stone wall with heaps of stone at each end.

"Gates are found almost exclusively in bleak, inhospitable lava fields with scant water or vegetation, places seemingly amongst the most unwelcoming to our species," Kennedy wrote.

Beautiful Lie Productions and Blue Fire Productions The Toronto Fringe Festival Playwrights: R. Downes and Kathryn Malek Director: Victor Correia Factory Mainspace Theatre July 4th, 2008How do you find your soul mate?

Directors: Catherine Hardwicke, Theodore Melfi, Sam Raimi Dating can be tough... James has wanted a date with Diana all his life - but he quickly learns that sometimes the women of our dreams aren't as ...

Since then, his work has appeared on book covers, advertisements, fashion catalogues, magazines, and CD covers.

He has received a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and has had his work published in numerous award annuals such as Communication Arts and American Illustration.

See full summary » Director: Matthew Cole Weiss Sarah wakes up to find herself hanging upside down.

As she screams for help a phone rings and the person on the other hand helps her escape.

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See full summary » Director: Frankie Shaw Completed From the deep comedy well of 'dumb guys who think they're smart' we bring you Tom and Grant.

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