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Gotina Petriz..filiis meis Petro Didaz, Fernando Didaz donated "in Rianno..habui de viro meo Monnio Adefonso to Sahagn by charter dated .

Sancti Michaelis..Gallekellos made by aua mea domna Gotina by charter dated .

It is a difficult document, riddled with errors, especially relating to the early generations.

For example, the early history of the Traba family, as set out in the Nobiliario, is completely inconsistent with reconstructions based on charter material which, presumably, is more reliable.

However, the Nobiliario is the only surviving source which confirms many of the family relationships of the nobility in 13th and 14th century Castile and Len.

It therefore cannot be dismissed, but should be used cautiously.

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His married daughter Gontrodo caught the attention of King Alfonso VII and became his mistress, although this marked the beginning of her father's downfall. The origins of the father of Pedro cannot be traced, although it is known that he held land at San Salvador de Rode in Asturias. confirmed the charter dated under which Alfonso VI King of Len granted villas in territorio inter Istola et Ceia... Ildonza et filiis meis Facundo et Gotina sold "solare...habemus de auolorum parentumque meorum in Gallekellos territorio Melgare super ripam fluminis Ceia" to Dominico Elaz by charter dated . Gotina Gutterriz et de Monnio [Iohannes]..filiis meis Petro Diaz, Fernando Diaz, Facundo Diaz confirmed donations made to monasteriolum...

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