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Most compensated dating taking place in Japan today is arranged through the internet though the language or rules can exclude guys who aren’t Japanese from the fun.Universe Club is the first dating club in Japan I’m aware of that actively seeks to attract foreign members.A few women on board are recognizable figures so their faces are blurred out on the website.Thankfully members can email to request a clear picture if they are interested.They range in age with most being in their 20’s or 30’s.

A major one for foreign visitors is the language barrier but other things can also get in the way.

Posts on Japan are some of the most popular on this website.

I always do my best to report on things both because of that and my own in interest in the country which began long before I ever started this website.

The commercial sex scene is huge especially in major cities like Tokyo but much of it is off limits to foreigners and full service is more rare than common.

Because of this guys can be left in the lurch when visiting the land of the rising sun.

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