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It's as if someone were willing to pay the public radio station for you to listen, yet you lied to the person and told them you weren't a listener.) With the immense amount of bandwidth this site serves per month we have to pay thousands of dollars a year simply to have the site online, let alone cover the games.

(Though some would like to believe so, this isn't akin to listening to public radio for free.

So-called "routine" redshirting is still permitted at other levels and those redshirts are recognized by Division III in general, although some conferences may not recognize them.

(You will want to confirm with your school's compliance officer if you are transferring in.) That is, if you redshirted outside of Division III and then transferred to a D-III school, you would not be forced to give up that year of eligibility.

The voters are coaches, Sports Information Directors and media members. We send our voters an exhaustive amount of info each week for them to consider, including the schedule and results for each team that gets votes or that could merit votes, the record of each opponent, the combined record of opponents a team has beaten and the location of the game. What Division III players have been drafted by the NFL? This is something we have experienced in voting for other polls. Isn't Division III just glorified high school football? All we ask is that users view a couple ads per page. Then there are broadcast rights fees for the NCAA, travel to postseason games, the list goes on.

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But of course, we still get charged for the bandwidth to send the pages to you.

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