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The vagus nerve also allows for emotional regulation, especially via the heart rate, which allows healthy social interaction to take place.

The stress response, especially the production of cortisol, is highly sensitive to social situations, especially ones we deem important, don’t have control over, or in which we feel evaluated, said Evelyn Mercado, a post-doctoral fellow in psychology at UCLA and co-author of that study, “I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus: The role of stress physiology in romantic pair bond formation and maintenance.”“That characterizes relationships, especially in their first stages.”Mercado studies how our biology changes within relationships, whether romantic or familial, in terms of the production of cortisol and a salivary enzyme alpha amylase.

The vagus nerve is part of the autonomic nervous system, which has two branches.

One regulates involuntary bodily functions, such as breathing, digestion and arousal.

Because of this complexity and uniqueness of the individual — including life history, genes, personality, circumstances and overall gut health — all this can mean an abrupt evacuation of whatever you had for lunch, pain deep in the belly or that jittery sensation.

“There’s no question that how people feel and think are highly connected with how their gut is behaving,” said Dr.

But no one is thinking about all that when they’re waiting for their date to arrive.

“The gut is in fact a theatre in which the drama of emotion plays out,” writes Dr. The gut’s enteric nervous system is sometimes called “the second brain” because it comprises up to 100 million nerve cells.

“Any emotion or stress response that originates in the brain will send signals to the gut, which will change many gut functions,” Mayer, a gastroenterologist, neuroscientist and professor of medicine at UCLA, said in an interview.

“The gut will change, like a face, associated with every emotion,” Mayer said.

They stayed in touch on social media and, although Hopcroft never saw Derek in her future, her gut knew differently.

She returned to Toronto in 2014, heartbroken from a breakup, and agreed to drive with friends to Rochester, N.

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At the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama campus pub, she was introduced to Brad Cook.

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