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but this isn’t always an acceptable or even tenable solution.It’s easy to say that an orgasm is an orgasm and one should be satisfied with jerking it or using a sex-toy, and in fairness, those ways that the hornier partner should attend to their own needs.It’s also important to recognize that libidos can change as we age and libidos that may have matched up can end up in conflict… We also tend to assume that monogamy is all-encompassing; that if you love someone, you’ll never ever desire anyone else.In reality, we will lust after other people or have crushes on other people all the time.Monogamy just means you choose not to have sex with other people, not that you don’t Some people are very good at monogamy and never experience a moment’s hesitation or temptation.Other people are very bad at it and inevitably cheat on their partner – even when they have the best of intentions.

We tell women to be sexis a new and radical concept.Small wonder, then, that we tend to make such a hash out of our sex lives.See, sex and being sexual compatibility are one of the most important parts of maintaining a relationship.It’s important that both partners be honest with one another, especially in the beginning, about how much of a priority they place on sex and (ideally) how frequently they would prefer to have it.It’s also important to recognize the difference between being stressed, depressed, tired or otherwise less interested in sex due to external influences – which is temporary – versus a libido mismatch. One of the ongoing issues with discussing sex is the assumption that traditional monogamy is the standard, that it’s natural and effortless; that people who women in relationships reporting having committed an infidelity.

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However, sex in the context of a relationship is more than just about getting off.

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