Dating a sagittarius guy

If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. What are some tips to get him more lively, and fun? d better walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. He is sweet and can be affectionate at times, but is that enough to keep my fire burning I don't want to cheat on him because I think that is unacceptable, so the only other option is to end the relationship if it doesent change of which I don't see that ha Ppening as he is almost 40 and set in his ways...just to clear everything up.."Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" this might be just a saying for some but for's the truth. I as well am a sag, I've been dating a Taurus for a year. We've been together for a year (although I've been in love with him for two years; we only finally got together last year). I seriously thought I'd marry this man, but our differences became much too strong. I don't think all sagittarius's are the same as well as I don't think all Taurus are the same...

Is this another trait of Sagittarius, avoiding emotions because they don't like commitment? Because although you both might actually do it at some point or another, there ARE limits to what is acceptable; and those limits are (or should be) pretty much standard across the spectrum of healthy relationships. ALOT, things gotta go my way and he feels like things gotta go his, so it hard! Hi, having read all the above and all the various mixed views regarding these incompatible star signs including the your ages I am inclined to agree and disagree with some of them.

They started studying together, helping each other with tests, assignments, homework and so on........ However he is an honest man and u can tell his feelings are true and genuine and I love him so much. We were inseparable, he was creative, fun, funny, all things I was extremely attracted to. He always got mad at me for talking to 3950830495834 people at parties, like me talking and my light hearted flirting was the END of the world. If your planning on getting involved with a Taurus, yes the sex is unreal, they are amazing lovers. Want to be able to spend time with other members of the opposite sex in ways that go above and beyond a normal platonic friendship? I don't know by nature what Sag ladies are like in romance / loving making dept but well from my own part, I like to show my feelings as well as voice them.

I guess more so because im very talkative and leave nothing unsaid and yet he believes something's are best left unsaid. They never express themselves, ever, but when they say 'I Love You' you keep trying. Which amazes me with her courage and zest for life!

they fight, they cry, but still their love is as innocent as it was on the first day of their commitment. I have been in an ever increasing battle with a Taurus and let me tell you it has been hot and heated. He is always staring at me and where ever I am there he also is for the past year now. And would ignore me for hours on end when we would get in arguments... I liked to talk about our problems honestly, admitting my flaws and wrongs done, he would run away and NEVER admit he was wrong. He's very to himself and doesn't express his feelings and I tell him everything so it can be one sided at times. I love my Cookie So, I just read the Taurus traits. Well I am a Sagittarius woman, December 9th, and he is a Taurus, may 13. And personalities aside really am not that stubborn lol I'd call it more determined then stubborn!

Three years after the first day of school, they both are committed.... we are working on compromise and I know we will make it the best relationship. He got mad when I was too outspoken about our relationship. I am care free with money and he would always tell me I need to stop spending my hard earned money stupidly. Be wary of when they are alone and their mind starts to think, that's when you'll end up fighting! Again, you better think - and re-think - whether you? I'm adventurous in bed but can show my tender and loving side too.

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