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1856 Chal­lenge: In 1856, a copy of the Pearl of Great Price found its way to the Lou­vre in Paris and was brought to M. As one of the pio­neers in Egyp­tol­ogy, Dev­e­ria was asked to offer an analy­sis of the book.

Whereas the supposed gold plates are not available to compare with the Book of Mormon, the ancient Egyptian papyrus from which Joseph Smith said he translated the Book of Abraham has been found.

Short­ly there­after, Joseph appar­ent­ly received con­fir­ma­tion that the scrolls con­tained the writ­ings of Abra­ham.

The prophet took [the scrolls] and repaired to his room and inquired of the Lord con­cern­ing them.

The Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in the late 1940s included Hebrew manuscripts of portions of Genesis dating from about the second century BC, a millennium earlier.

These older manuscripts say the same things as the medieval manuscripts and generally in the same words, with only the sorts of minor variants one might expect after many generations of copying.

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