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There has always been a strand of Christianity that held idea that the Earth is only thousands of years old.

The two Genesis creation stories and the supposedly detailed listing of generations (also known as the "begats") reinforce the idea that the Earth must have been created within the last 10,000 years or so.

Other evidence includes meteorites that have landed on Earth, which date to a slightly older 4.5 - 4.6 billion years.

Though not yet perfected, recently developed technology to study the sun, helioseismolgy, provides excellent independent verification of the age of the solar system of the material that formed our Sun.

Similarly, Talmudic commentaries over the last 2000 years place Creation at roughly 7,000 years, give or take many thousands of years.

In the 17 century era of a new "rational" approach to the world, Christians, both theologians and scientists, attempted to define the Day of Creation more precisely.

Hermann von Helmholtz hypothesized that the energy of the Sun comes from gradual gravitational collapse.

However, recently a few samples of lead, believed to be formed during the Archaean Eon (c.

Spurred by this suggestion, Georges Louis Leclerc (Comte de Buffon) conducted a series of experiments in which he measured how long it took for iron balls glowing red hot to cool to approximately room temperature.

He then used a rough-and-ready technique to extrapolate the data, estimating that the Earth must be about (at least) 75,000 years old.

…within a finite period of time past the Earth must have been, and within a finite period of time to come the Earth must again be, unfit for the habitation of man as at present constituted, unless operations have been, or are to be performed, which are impossible under the laws to which the known operations going on are subject., an age primarily derived by radiometric dating.

Because of the molten state of the early Earth, erosion, and subduction of tectonic plates moving surface material into the Earth's mantle, radiometric dating of materials originating on Earth provides a range of lower limits for the age of the Earth of approximately 3.8 to 4.2 billion years.

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The claim may also be due to a misunderstanding and inaccurate interpretation of scientific literature on the subject.

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