Benefits of consolidating active directory domains

However, the focus is now on distributed platforms and, in particular, on server consolidation for the major Unix variants and for Windows platforms.

The drive to consolidate Unix platforms actually began in 1997/98 and the main rationalization tool was the Sun Enterprise 10000 with dynamic domains.

However, they also involve progressively greater risks.

Pursuing the ultimate consolidation goal of a single system image for all distributed server applications can yield large rewards when balanced with the expense, but the potential for a poor or failed implementation is far greater.

After giving it some thought, I came up with the following benefits.

To determine the number of domains that you will have in each forest, start by considering a single domain only, even if you currently have more than one Windows NT 4.0 domain.

Defining consolidation is complex, given the broad range of projects that are labeled in this way.

Gartner divides consolidation projects into three types: One of the first types of rationalized consolidation that enterprises are looking to accomplish is to consolidate similar workloads such as Web serving, file servers, print servers, e-mail servers and database applications.

The magnitude of the server-management problem can be seen in any typical enterprise data center, which likely contains hundreds of Unix and Intel servers.

No wonder, then, that enterprises are seeking to consolidate their servers.

Storage consolidation is also a growing concern, but not necessarily tied to server consolidation. There is a lack of standard definitions and confusion over the various ways that consolidation can be addressed.

One of my clients recently asked me for the advantages of consolidating his company's multiple AD forests into one AD domain.

His current setup included separate AD forests for each branch location.

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There has been a strong trend toward more server consolidation since 1997, led by enterprises in the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

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