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Not only did Barack and Michelle meet while working at a Chicago law firm, after they married, Michelle has tirelessly campaigned for Barack and will soon be working with him in another capacity – as First Lady of the United States.

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Not only does it have millions and millions of users, but it’s also got the highest success rate of any other dating site.

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(This is particularly the case if she presents as a young woman, the trolls’ favorite quarry.) Why not encode her, as we humans usually try to encode our offspring, with an aversion to words like “whore” and “kike”—both of which Tay used, in tweets subsequently deleted by Microsoft?

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Though Hedison had shown up on TV in shows like Melrose Place and Nash Bridges and movies as well she couldn't make it as an actress.

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This paper will briefly review smartphone adoption, various operating systems for smartphones, and highlight more commonly used applications by nurses.